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Concrete Wall Sawing

By rclconcr38001417, Feb 21 2018 02:56PM

The following pictures are of a recent project at a Waste Water Treatmeant Plant in Sarasota County. R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring, LLC, was chosen to remove two 18'x10' openings in a former concrete tank wall. The concrete wall was 12.5" thick with heavy steel reinforcement. R.C.L. Concrete Cutting was able to engineer a safe and efficent way to remove the concrete wall, keeping the project under budget for the city. With R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring's hydrualic wall saw equipment, we are able to peform concrete cutting through concrete walls or concrete floors up to 27" from one side. Call R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring, LLC today to keep your project moving forward under budget, on time, and most importantly, safe.

Concrete wall cutting
Concrete wall cutting
Concrete Wall Sawing
Concrete Wall Sawing
R.C.L. Concrete Cutting  finish Concrete Wall Removal
R.C.L. Concrete Cutting finish Concrete Wall Removal
Oct 10 2019 03:41PM by Weston Kolste

Great work guys! Hope to be at that level one day over here Logan Concrete Cutting.

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