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Learn more about what’s new and important at R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring of Tampa, FL.

By rclconcr38001417, Nov 22 2019 03:40PM

At R.C.L. Concrete Cutting, we have the Capability to drill not only this 28" diameter core, but as large as 66" in diameter. We invest in the best equipment available on the market to met your expectations and timeline for your project. We own 110v drills, 480v hycycle drills and hydraulic drill motors for the larger diameter concrete cores. For smaller diameter concrete cores we can use our 110v drills or if for large production hollow core slab jobs we can run our 480v 3 Phase hycycle drill. Not only can the 480v 3 phase hycycle drill perform well on high volume jobs, but we have used them in tough power plant jobs that won't allow hydralic drills.

By rclconcr38001417, Feb 21 2018 02:56PM

The following pictures are of a recent project at a Waste Water Treatmeant Plant in Sarasota County. R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring, LLC, was chosen to remove two 18'x10' openings in a former concrete tank wall. The concrete wall was 12.5" thick with heavy steel reinforcement. R.C.L. Concrete Cutting was able to engineer a safe and efficent way to remove the concrete wall, keeping the project under budget for the city. With R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring's hydrualic wall saw equipment, we are able to peform concrete cutting through concrete walls or concrete floors up to 27" from one side. Call R.C.L. Concrete Cutting & Coring, LLC today to keep your project moving forward under budget, on time, and most importantly, safe.

Concrete wall cutting
Concrete wall cutting
Concrete Wall Sawing
Concrete Wall Sawing
R.C.L. Concrete Cutting  finish Concrete Wall Removal
R.C.L. Concrete Cutting finish Concrete Wall Removal

By rclconcr38001417, Sep 26 2017 06:04PM

Meet are new addition to the R.C.L. Concrete Cutting Fleet. This vehicle is for our new sales person Nick. He will be in charge of handling the Orlando and I-4 corridor market. If you need a job quoted, scheduled or even looked at, Call R.C.L. Concrete Cutting and ask for Nick.

By rclconcr38001417, Aug 31 2017 03:01PM

Don't worry if your contractor installed the wrong size opening or the homeowner change their mind on their design. R.C.L. Concrete Cutting can enlarge any opening to any size. We use the latest cutting edge equipment to complete your projects within budget and still provide quality work. We can cut block, concrete, marble, granite, zinc in additon to many other products. Whether your home or commerical property is new or old, we can help you with your opening renovations. Do you have a small view of the gulf and want to expand it? Contractor missed an opening for duct work or plumbing? Call R.C.L. Concrete Cutting Today!

By rclconcr38001417, Aug 29 2017 04:46PM

Do you have a high spot or a trip hazard in your concrete? Call R.C.L. Concrete Cutting to grind down those hazards. It is not uncommon that a sidewalk, driveway or other concrete areas raise over time. Concrete grinding in the most efficient, cost effective way to handle those issues. Why replace the slab and expose potential major issues with the ground when you can call R.C.L. Concrete Cutting to concrete grind those areas back to normal? CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESITMATE!

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